• High-speed panning and zooming for up to nine images at the same time
  • Roles and Permissions engine controls user's requirements and interface
  • Secure annotations and approval tools
  • Automated emails triggered on tasks to selected users
  • Track all Projects by both approvals and due dates
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Gamut and ink coverage warnings
  • Industry certified: IdeAlliance and FOGRA


Color Management

  • Color accurate cross platform
  • Comprehensive color management from our spectral blending engine
  • Support for ICC profiles and .cxf
  • Import custom spot colors
  • Monitor calibration and profiling included
  • Accurate viewing for up to 24 channels
  • Ambient lighting controls provided
  • Patented color verification for all required role viewers
  • Patented color calibration



  • Press operator specific role simplifies the user interface
  • Support for multiple displays
  • Supports touch-screen controls
  • Encoder support for automated navigation
  • Hot-folder automation from C-t-P workflows to all presses



    • Automated project creation from any workflow
    • Project routing between viewers & groups
    • User definable permissions for various roles and workgroups
    • Branding for clients
    • Client file security
    • Dashboard view shows project activity and "on time" status
    • Audit-able reporting for both viewers and projects



    • Print out a hard-copy proof at any location
    • Print to any ICC profiled print driver, without the need for an additional RIP
    • Spectral Blending engine color manages both ICC and spot colors to printer profile